6 Tips to Cure Smelly Feet and Shoes Without Trying So Hard

Anyone can experience smelly feet at a given point in time. And more often than not, smelly feet is as a result of sweat, even if not excessive.

Pregnant women and the youths are the people who sweat a lot. The reason being they go through frequent hormonal change.

In addition, people who spend most of their time standing all day tend to sweat a lot which may result to smelly feet if the situation is not well taken care of.

To add, people who put on tight pairs of shoes tend to sweat a lot due to the extreme pressure exerted on the feet which may cause hyperhidrosis; an awful medical condition.

Below are ways used to get rid of smelly feet.

1. Highly Breathable Shoes

You should consider buying a highly breathable shoes. Most breathable pairs are made of canvas or leather. These materials evaporate moisture really quick thus preventing odor build up.

2. Soaking your feet

Soak feet

For Epsom salt, dissolve a half cup (Epsom Salt) in a bowl of water (warm water). Soak your feet inside this solution for about 15 to 20 minutes. Salt is also a hostile environment for bacteria.

In case you have an open wound, this would not be the best solution for you because vinegar will irritate your skin.

For those that choose to use vinegar, take a portion of it and mix with water, preferably warm water and soak your feet for about 10 to 25 minutes. We advise the use of apple cider vinegar. Cider vinegar does not give bacteria room to inhibit your skin.

You are advised to soak your feet inside either Epsom salt water or inside a mixture of water and vinegar.

3. Changing of Pairs

Your shoes and feet can smell because you put on a single pair throughout the week. Putting on shoes for that long does not give it adequate time to dry up.

What happens is, sweat will accumulate the pair until odor issues come about. There is a single remedy to this; that is having a number of pairs that you can cycle.

With that done, there will be enough time for each pair of shoe to dry. Make sure the worn pair/pairs are put on an open place where there is light and sufficient air circulation; do not stash them inside a staffed closet.

4. Put on Socks

To avoid smelly feet and shoes always consider wearing socks. Socks absorb sweat from the feet thus preventing horrible foot odor.

Put on Socks

Note! Do not just put on socks make sure the pair of socks you are putting on is clean and very dry. Putting on wet or dirty socks will only make the odor situation worse.

If your feet sweat a lot and the day seems supper hot for you then you will also have to carry some supplements with you.

Bonus, there are many kinds of socks and for this case the best ones are those that are made of cotton or wool; they are highly breathable.

We do not prefer socks made of synthetic fibers because they only trap moisture not so breathable thus contributing to smelly feet and shoes.

5. Disinfect and Keep Dry

It is important to always make sure your feet are dry after swimming, bathing or soaking. By now you realize that odor builds up as a result of moisture ( a reason why your feet, socks and shoes should be as dry as possible. As said before always carry an extra pair of socks if you sweat a lot.

You do not have to get rid of your shoes no matter how smelly they seem to be. The bad smell can be eliminated by the use of disinfectant spray or powder.

If you have no idea of which disinfector to use, try the general purpose disinfectant spray. Our main aim is kill bacteria, so disinfectant spray that contain sanitation ingredients and ethanol will work well.

The part of shoe you should much concentrate on is the insole. Spray on it and leave it for a day or two that way you will have treated the pair.

Bonus! If you sweat a lot look for a pair that comes with removable insoles.

6. Shoes Inserts

Most shoe makers have been able to come up with an insert that is able to prevent your feet from smelling.

Most of the inserts we are talking about are made of Activated Charcoal which is designed to get rid of smell coming from the feet. Inserts are available in a variety of sizes. In case you get an insert that is not fitting well you can always trim using a scissor.

Other Ways may Include

  • Use of Black Tea

The use of tea as solution to solve the problem is a home remedy. Mix the black tea with clean water and boil for around 10 minutes.

Then allow the solution to cool down (soaking your feet in such a hot solution pose great risk to your skin).

After the solution has really cooled, dip your feet inside the solution for about 20 to 30 minutes before removing.

  • Use of Lavender Oil
Lavender Oil

Lavender oils have pleasant smell. But even with sweet smell will kill germs and bacteria. Apply a portion of it to your feet and gently rub. You can do this every time you want to go to bed or when you are just at home.

Note! Before trying out this remedy apply a small amount of oil to a limited part of your skin and check whether it gets irritated.

Additional Tips: Try a bit of baking soda –it also absorbs moisture and kills bacteria.

Whats Will I wear?

There are many options out there for people with sweaty feet. One of the best shoes for sweaty feet currently in the market is the KEEN Wiper. just have time and check it out, it might be the solution to your problem.

Bottom Line

A smelly foot is a harmless problem that vanishes after a certain period thus should give you much worry.

But if the problem still persists don't hesitate seeing a doctor. Most doctors will offer  an iontophoresis treatment or antiperspirant which is a prescription treatment.

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