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Are Running Shoes Good Enough for Walking?

Exercises are vital for everyone whether simple strolls or a routine power run.

Statistics show that majority of people prefer walking to running. Both of the exercises (running and walking) are industrious and offer excellent benefits. A good example is healthy relationship between the exercisers.

Knowing what shoes is good for either walking or running is vital because they determine on how well we exercise.

Research shows that majority of the injuries people get are as a result of the pairs they put on.

Whether you are a runner or a walker there will always be a shoes to make your feet feel comfortable as you walk and stand all day.

What should you look for in a running/walking pair?

This piece you are reading through aims at addressing common questions that remain unanswered thus shedding some light. Without much ado let us brush through some of the most important to look out for when looking for a walking or running pair.

It is crucial you understand that walking shoe are far different from walking shoes; both are different in their design and features.

But many people still prefer running shoes when walking. Here are some of the reasons why;


Flexible shoes let your feet bend over easily.  This is made possible by the high end fabrics used.

Walking shoes have their uppers and forefront thoroughly designed compared to running shoes. Always consider flexibility when dealing with both walking and running shoes.

Exercise lovers should always ensure that they have flexible shoes because with flexible shoes the fee will stay refreshed.


can running shoes be used for walking

Most walking shoes have robust uppers. So, they can harm your feet because heat builds up fast when walking to a point where they become restless and you can’t wait to take then off your feet.

On the other hand running shoes feature a mesh construction on the upper part allowing air circulate adequately thus cooling the feet.


Runners should look out for a lightweight and well cushioned pair of shoe because they provide the needed arch support as they hit the ground.

Runners and walkers do not need equally cushioned shoe; because the two exert different amounts of pressure (walkers exert less pressure to the cushioning compared to runners).

A standard walking shoe provides regular cushion needed during walking.

In case you are long distance walker we would prefer you go for running pairs because long distances walks will require shoes that offer greater cushioning.

Heel Height

When we touch on heels we mean stability, something which everyone is looking on in a pair of shoe.

Most running shoes have low heel distances for more stability while walking shoes are slightly high heeled also for stability.

Lastly, less stepper heels will assure you good balance.


comfortable shoes

Most running shoes are made of high end fabrics which provide users with needed relaxation.

Comfort is a critical to buyer’s satisfaction that is why most pairs are designed to offer more comfort.

The amount of distance to cover while walking or running will determine the type of shoe to be bought.

Heel Flare

Running pairs have uniquely designed flares which, offers extra stability. This feature is most common in striker pairs. This pair is also the best pair for walking. Heels flares are not necessary for walkers since interfere with each of your steps.

On the Flip Side

Fitness walkers have good pair of shoes designed for walkers. The experience may not be as good as that of running shoes but, they get the job done.

Below are reasons why you should go for such a pair.

The Difference between Walking and Running

Walking and running are the two forms of movements, with no much different but here are some of the ways you can disguise the two.


When you are walking, you are much more relaxed, and the impact you have the ground is approximately 1.5 times your body weight.

The value is much more significant when running. This is because of the high intense impact your body weight has on the ground, which is around 3 times your weight.

Point of Contact

When you are running, you are likely to land on your mid foot, heel or ball of the foot. This is so because our feet have different shapes.

While walking the point of contact is felt on your heel. From there, the weight is then distributed through your ball and onto your toes. It is one of the reasons why your body has less of an impact on the ground.


At some point, when you are walking your feet are both on the ground together.

It is not the same when you are running as one foot is always forward.

In addition, walking pairs come in with blended and more flex heels while running shoes come in with stiff soles.

Go for shoe pairs with more undercut heel edges because they evenly distribute your weight impact as you walk or run. This is also because of the intense cushioning given to the pair. To add here are some other things you will have to consider.

Bottom Line

A large percentage of people prefer using running for walking because of how simple, flexible, and comfortable they feel. We would also prefer walkers whether long or short distance to use running shoe because they are made more comfortable and stable. 

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