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What Are The Most Common Jump Rope Injuries?

Did you know that jump roping is often one of the best exercises for people that aren’t fond of running or walking long distances? It works different muscle groups to enhance physical strength.  It also improves body coordination and flexibility in a way an exercise like walking never can. Although skipping a rope is a good exercise, it […]

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How to Clean Smelly Sneakers

Smelly shoes aren’t aimed at a specific group of people; anyone can have smelly shoes. When outdoor on sunny days our feet sweat a lot. The sweat is absorbed by the sneakers and if cleaning is not done or not done well a smelly effect would sooner or later be felt. This problem affects mainly the youth because […]

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How to Walk on Ice

Walking on ice can be hard sometimes. You are not sure if the next second you are down on your tush or still up on your feet.Falling or slipping is no joke as it exposes the body to too much danger for example breaking or twisting of bones.Research suggests that ice accidents are second to […]

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Tips and What to Look for When Buying Winter Boots

When we touch on the word winter we mean snow. And when winter knocks the need for winter boots arises.  Winter boots are so important particularly in such a season. These boots can be categorized in affordability, durability, fashion and health. Talking about fashion, everyone wants to keep himself or herself updated especially women. As a […]

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Health Dangers for Wearing Uncomfortable Shoes

Good health (not only that of the body but also feet) is important to everyone. Wrong, unfitting or uncomfortable pairs can leave your feet with “dents” and unpleasant makes that will be visible on you for life. Whenever an uncomfortable pair is put on the feet is posed to great danger. In this article we are going […]

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Are Running Shoes Good Enough for Walking?

Exercises are vital for everyone whether simple strolls or a routine power run. Statistics show that majority of people prefer walking to running. Both of the exercises (running and walking) are industrious and offer excellent benefits. A good example is healthy relationship between the exercisers. Knowing what shoes is good for either walking or running is vital […]

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