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How to Stop Shoes from Squeaking When You Walk

Today you’re going to learn how to stop shoes from squeaking when you walk. In fact, these are the exact same tips I’ve used on dress shoes, leather boots, and sports sneakers. And I’m confident that you’ll benefit a lot from them. Whether it’s your first time to experience that annoying sound or you’ve already tried a […]

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Are Running Shoes Good Enough for Walking?

Exercises are vital for everyone whether simple strolls or a routine power run. Statistics show that majority of people prefer walking to running. Both of the exercises (running and walking) are industrious and offer excellent benefits. A good example is healthy relationship between the exercisers. Knowing what shoes is good for either walking or running is vital […]

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What Are The Most Common Jump Rope Injuries?

Did you know that jump roping is often one of the best exercises for people that aren’t fond of running or walking long distances? It works different muscle groups to enhance physical strength.  It also improves body coordination and flexibility in a way an exercise like walking never can. Although skipping a rope is a good exercise, it […]

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