Best Insoles for Work Boots for Walking and Working on Concrete

The best work boots for concrete come with pre-built inserts already. So why even bother with custom-built insoles in the first place?

Here’s the thing:

While we can comfortably hype work boots for their quality built, their inserts aren’t always up to the standard. They’re cheap, basic, and thin. Not to mention they aren’t as durable as you’d expect them to be.

Remember, you need as much comfort as you can get when walking and working on concrete. Yet these standard insoles aren’t graceful enough to help you brave unforgiving floors. That’s why it makes sense to invest in the best insoles for work boots.

And here’s the kicker:

The right pair of inserts doesn’t just provide cushioning and support to your feet. They also ensure your boots fit snugly.

Table of Contents Reviews of the Best Insoles for Work Boots in 20201. Form Premium Insoles2. Powerstep Pinnacle Orthotics3. Dr. Scholl’s Massaging Gel Advanced Insoles4. Superfeet Copper Memory Foam Comfort Plus Insoles5. Samurai Super Padded Orthotic Insoles6. Timberland Pro Men’s Anti Fatigue Replacement InsolesHow to Choose the Most Comfortable Insoles Work Boots on ConcreteChoose a Type WiselyExamine the Material Used for ConstructionSize and Fit 

Reviews of the Best Insoles for Work Boots in 2020

1. Form Premium Insoles

Form Premium Insoles are an inexpensive investment, but they don’t feel cheap one bit. Praised for their noticeable padding and undeniably high level of comfort, these inserts are ideal for workers with plantar fasciitis, heel pain, and those looking for more arch support.

These won’t contour to the shape of some work boots, but you can at least custom-mold them for a perfect fit.

Form’s anti-fatigue construction, which features a soft, high-density foam, makes for an easy shock absorption as you stand, walk, and work.

And with their promising foot balance that feels just right straight out of the box, these premium insoles will make your steps feel more natural all the way.

The TemperWeave layer is a nice thing to have. By regulating moisture and enhancing breathability, the fabric keeps your feet cool and dry while eliminating odor to keep your feet clean.

Also, the design of the heel cup feels just about right, especially because it’s optimized to provide a stable positioning of your heel so it can absorb as much impact as possible.


  • Easy to clean; only use a hand wash soap and cold water
  • Comfortable enough to provide arch support and manage foot ache
  • TemperWeave foam layer hinder bacterial growth and keeps your feet cool, dry, and clean


  • Not the most durable pair of insert
  • They won’t feel comfortable straight out of the box

2. Powerstep Pinnacle Orthotics

If versatility is the first thing you need in a pair of insoles for work boots, the Powerstep Pinnacle Orthotics are the right fit.

These are suitable for all arch types, fit different work shoes and boots, and provide high-level comfort that helps with foot problems like arch discomfort, relieving sore and tired feet, and metatarsal pain.

Slide these on top of your current insert or replace them all together, take a few steps in them and you’ll notice the feel. They’re so comfortable that they give you an illusion of walking on the clouds.

They feel springy enough to enhance foot transition from each step you take, and with their outstanding level of comfort, they’re just perfect for extended period of walking and standing.

Powerstep adds their very own Variable Cushioning Technology to these inserts to take the comfort of your work boots to the next level.

The built-in arch support feels firm, yet flexible enough to console collapsed, moderate, and high arches. The top section is a plush. Together with the dual layer EVA foam, that’s extra comfort for your feet for as price tag that already feels like a steal.


  • Blends in different work boots and shoes and provides flexible arch support
  • Deep heel cradle for maximum foot stability
  • Absorbs shock as you move, reducing impact on your feet and allowing you to walk comfortably


  • The arch may feel a little too high for some people
  • The padding doesn’t last long

3. Dr. Scholl’s Massaging Gel Advanced Insoles

The verdict is out:

Dr. Scholl’s insoles are among the best for work boots on concrete thanks to the gel construction that makes them both comfortable and durable.

These can log hundreds of miles, lasting about 6 months before giving up, and that’s so even if you subject them to extended use.

Using these massaging gel insoles means adding double comfort to your feet. And while they won’t make you feel like you’re walking on the clouds, the pair will provide the highest level of comfort that you need to get moving.

With its responsive gel waves and a flexible arch shell design, these inserts allow you to walk faster if you have to, while enhancing motion control and providing walking stability at the same time. With these, every step you take feel natural.

Perhaps the most flexible insoles in the market, Dr. Scholl’s Massage Gels are perfect for any kind of work boots you choose to buy. 

It’s not just muscle fatigue that these insoles correct. They’re also the right inserts for ball of foot pain, so they can easily ease metatarsal pain and providing the right energy rebound.


  • Comfortable enough for all-day use
  • Easy to fit in your work boots
  • Rugged construction that offers muscle fatigue relief and lateral support


  • I wish there more size options than what Dr. Scholl already provides
  • Can’t last beyond more than 6 months
  • Develop foul smell after a few weeks of use; just clean them regularly to solve this problem

4. Superfeet Copper Memory Foam Comfort Plus Insoles

Memory foam insoles are the kinds that feel soft under your feet. So if that’s what you’re interested in, go with Superfeet Copper.

These inserts feature a deep heel cup that provides relief as you stand and walk, while forming to the shape of your feet to make your strides feel more natural. With a stabilizer cap included in the design, these insoles can enhance your stability on the go.

Thanks to the additional memory foam layer at the top, the Superfeet Copper Plus Insoles can help to relieve foot problems like plantar fasciitis and fallen arches.

While praised for how well they fit in work boots for walking and working on surfaces like concrete, these inserts are so flexible that you can use them in other types of shoes.

The Superfeet Copper Comfort Plus should feel comfortable straight out of the box. But it’s best to wear them a few hours a day for the first week for your feet to get used to them.


  • Very durable and comfortable; they can last up to 6 months before wearing out
  • Versatile insoles; you can use them for work boots and other types of shoes
  • You can trim them to fit any pair of shoes
  • Ideal for long distance walking shoes
  • Good for plantar fasciitis, over pronation and sensitive feet 


  • Requires trimming to fit some shoes
  • Usually too big so they kind of need roomy shoes 

5. Samurai Super Padded Orthotic Insoles

Fallen arches can be a lot more painful for people who walk and work all day. But doing something as simple as adding the Samurai’s Super Padded Orthotic Insoles to a pair of work boots can bring some relief.

While they won’t fix the pain from flat feet on the spot, they’ll at least offer relief within the hour of wearing.

Samurai makes these insoles as versatile as possible, allowing you to use them in your work boots, regular walking sneakers, and sports shoes. Plus, they don’t require trimming because they come in just the right size option that you can insert in your shoes and get going.

Boasting of a cloud-like pillow construction that offers incredible support to low or completely missing arches, the Samurai insoles can tolerate heel pain and plantar fasciitis as soon as your feet get used to them.

Apart from molding to your feet, they provide optimum energy rebound and support in the right places.

The polypropylene layer has a high-density padded shell that absorbs shock from every step you take. Also, they can realign your feet’s joints and enhance your gait as you walk.


  • Comfortable, versatile insoles
  • They provide optimal energy return from every step you take
  • They run true to size, so they don’t require trimming
  • Good for workers who have flat feet and those who suffer from plantar fasciitis 


  • They’re somewhat costly
  • They’re not machine washable; spot clean them with water and soap
  • Some pairs aren’t as durable 

6. Timberland Pro Men’s Anti Fatigue Replacement Insoles

You and I know Timberland Pro for their heavy-duty, no nonsense work boots. But they’ve also branched out to design some of the most comfortable inserts for their footwear.

Apparently, the Men’s Anti Fatigue Insoles aren’t for Timberland boots alone. You can even use them if you own work boots from brand like Danner, Ariat, or Thorogood.

The Pro’s anti fatigue feels lightweight like feature, but thick enough to last a couple hundreds of miles before tearing apart.

Because they’re flexible and soft, they contour to the shape of your feel, making every step you take feel natural while absorbing shock and providing reasonable arch support.

The top black cover, with the brand’s logo just close to the heel, isn’t just for the look good feel. It’s anti-microbial, effective in controlling odor while managing temperature to keep your feet cool and dry regardless of how long you’re on your feet.


  • The anatomically contoured footbed naturally takes the shape of your feet and enhance your walking stride
  • Good for heavy duty work boots on concrete
  • Not comfortable at first, but the footbed quickly adapts to shape and arch of your feet
  • Anti-fatigue means you don’t have to slow down
  • Good at absorbing shock and returning energy the right way 


  • May run big, and if so, use your current insoles as template and trim them down to size
  • Heel cup is undeniably shallow
  • Only provides moderate arch support 

How to Choose the Most Comfortable Insoles Work Boots on Concrete

There’s more to the best insoles for work boots than just their price point. Primarily, you need insoles that are not only comfortable but also long lasting.

That’s to say  if a pair of insoles can make your walk worthwhile for an extended period, go with them.

Choose a Type Wisely

Do you need cushioned insoles for your work boots? Should you go for anti-fatigue models? Are the memory foam ones even good enough? Or would you rather stick to inserts with gel construction?

Here’s the thing:

All these inserts are good.

But the type you choose for your work boots depends on the type of work you do and the kind of foot problem you hope to solve.

If you have plantar fasciitis, for example, choose insoles that can make working and walking on concrete easy while correcting the condition at the same time.

And if you need inserts that correct missing or low arches, check to make sure they’re good enough for flat feet. 

Examine the Material Used for Construction

Should you even care about the material used to design the insoles?

Well, No.

I wouldn’t beat myself to this nearly as much. Because after all, insoles themselves should be tough to ensure harsh work conditions and cushioned enough to provide the comfort you need.

And get this:

No material is better than other is, as they all try to combine elements of comfort and durability in the construction.

And this brings us to one very important point:

The material you choose comes down to your personal preferences. Besides, insoles are cheap, so buying several pairs shouldn’t even be a big issue as such.

Size and Fit 

You can’t take chances with a footwear’s size, and insoles aren’t an exception. Given that you already know how to check your shoes’ size, you need to make sure the insoles you buy run true to size. 

Not too small or too big – just true to size.

If you have footwear that feel too roomy for your feet, look for inserts for large shoes to fill up the extra space. If you have the correct size, simply stick to the inserts that best fit. 

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