Health Dangers for Wearing Uncomfortable Shoes

Good health (not only that of the body but also feet) is important to everyone.

Wrong, unfitting or uncomfortable pairs can leave your feet with “dents” and unpleasant makes that will be visible on you for life. Whenever an uncomfortable pair is put on the feet is posed to great danger.

In this article we are going to learn about the dangers of putting on uncomfortable shoes,a a few preventative measures and at the end the benefits of wearing comfortable shoes.

  • May Cause Bunions

Bunions are simply bony bumps that form on bellow the bigger toe joint. This comes about as a result of the pressure being exerted on other toes by the bigger toe.

What causes this problem is unfitting pairs. In addition, the continuous use of unfitting/tight shoes can result to more worse and painful conditions.

  • May Cause Joint Pains

Joint pains mostly affect people who put on pairs that have no absorption capabilities. High heels are worst when we talk about shoes that do not dissolve impact. This makes the feet to absorb every step’s brunt resulting to joint pain. This may at some point cause arthritis.

  • May Cause Calluses

Calluses come about when pressure is continuously exerted on the sides of the toe whenever the feet are forced to fit inside tight and uncomfortable pairs.

The recurring rubbing of the skin against the shoe leads to the formation of hard skin (calluses). Note that, calluses are not so painful but they will give your feet an undesirable look. The bigger the calluses get the worst your feet look.

  • May Cause Nail Problems

Ingrown toenails form as a result of the side nail piercing the surrounding skin which is usually so painful.

Any footwear that is tight (be it socks or shoes) will exert pressure to the sides of the toe thus pushing the skin towards the nail.

  • Athlete
Athlete foot

Shoes that are too tight or too uncomfortable may bring about issues like skin flakes, extreme itching and inflammation which are so uncomfortable.

The problems mentioned above happen when tight pairs are put on and the toes are squeezed towards each other.

The worst could be acquiring a fungal infection called dermatophyte that really destroys the skins. The infection spreads so fast especially when the wear put on is dirty.

  • May Alter your Walking Style

Obviously, the way we calculate moves also depend on the kind of shoe we put on. Shoes also determine the way we are going to place and lift our fit off the ground.

Look for a pair that is right that way risks of getting injuries can be avoided. The best advice we could offer you on this is look for shoes that doesn’t cover the entire feet.

  • Heels cause a lot of Damage

Although most women are in love with high heeled shoes, we do not encourage them. They are risky because any wrong step made may lead to a fall.

A fall will also result to injuries. In addition, high heeled pairs are confirmed to cause to deformities, pump bump and ankle sprains. For your feet's sake, wear heels that are platform heeled to avoid such issues.

The Preventative Measures

There are simple ways we can avoid all these. One of them is watching out for what we wear. Here are other things to consider.

  • Have a Pair that Offers Enough Toe Box Space

Always ensure that the pair you are having offers your toes adequate space. That way you will be able to freely sway your toes even when your feet are in the shoe. Going for pairs that are too fitting exposes your feet to too much danger.

  • Adjustable Fastening

Ensure that the pair you buy have allows adjustments either through laces or straps. With any of the two you can easily adjust the fit whenever you feel it is necessary.

  • Slightly Heeled Pairs

If you are a high heel lover then try look for heels that have slight gradient. The gradient should measure at least 20 mm or 40 mm at most. Heels within the two given ranges are so stable and won’t expose you to any sorts of danger.

  • The Materials

For durability, flexibility and general comfort make sure your pair’s upper area is made of natural materials.

  • Proper Cushioning

Proper cushioning is the key to comfort. With that said, make sure that the shoe you buy is well cushioned. Well cushioned pairs absorb shock so fast.

  • Stretching Method

Try stretching your calves every time you put on shoes and after having them off.

Additionally, look for a pair that has firm midsoles. Twisting pairs that have strong midsoles is not that easy.

The Benefits of Wearing Comfortable Shoes

Always make your feet happy, let no inappropriate pair get your ways. Here are some benefits of wearing good shoes.

  • It is a Form of Medicine

The right pair of shoes can keep you away from all sorts of injuries. You get to protect your feet, knees, ankle, back and hips.

Something else that will hinder you from getting injuries is buying other inserts for your working or walking shoes. The only best way to get started is being mindful of what we put on.

  • Helps with Alignment

Most shoes offer good arch support which helps our feet develop the right alignment. Every single move made starts from the feet because it is the base of our bodies.

Proper feet alignment results to even weight distribution within the body. To add, having an even distribution of weight within our bodies can help relieve pressure and pain.

  • Keep your Feet and Body Happy

Good shoes not only help with back trouble but also make the feet great if not happy. Almost 80% of a country’s population suffers from shoes related problems. Bad feet negatively impact our daily lives. The causes are well known (putting on unfitting shoes, walking across rock/hard surfaces for long).

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