How to Clean Smelly Sneakers

Smelly shoes aren’t aimed at a specific group of people; anyone can have smelly shoes. When outdoor on sunny days our feet sweat a lot.

The sweat is absorbed by the sneakers and if cleaning is not done or not done well a smelly effect would sooner or later be felt.

This problem affects mainly the youth because their hormones undergo a lot of frequent changes. But that does not mean the elderly are any safe.

To parents (the elderly group) whenever you work feet also tend to sweat a lot especially if you work around concrete floors. So, find the best shoes for standing, walking and working on concrete all day.

In addition, pair of sneakers that are small and so tight stimulate sweating because they exert a lot of pressure to the feet thus sweating.

Apart from that, undersize size shoes can also cause medical conditions such as hyperhidrosis disorder among others. From this article you are going to learn the best way to clean treat and prevent smelly sneakers.

Step 1: Using Soda

Ensure you have soda with you. Scoop three or four spoons and sprinkle inside each sneaker. Now leave the pair to stay overnight with the soda powder still inside (before ensure debris and mud stuck on the trends are outs; an old brush or brush cleaner may be used to do this)

Step 2: Putting the Pair in a Wash Bag

When morning comes, have the laces removed. And put them inside a washing bag. You might choose to use a pillow to avoid tangling.

Step 3: Combing a Few Clothes with the Pair

Accompany the pair you are cleaning inside the washer with some clothes. The reason for this is to prevent the sneaker from banging the glass window and generally the washer’s inside.

Step 4: Running the Wash Machine

Set the washer to run on delicate cycles. You may also use liquid detergents for awesome results. Leave the sneakers for about 30 to 40 minutes to wash.

Step 5: Airing the Sneakers

This is the last step where you will now remove your washed sneakers from the washing machine. Now find a nice spot where you will dry your.

No matter how much you want to have the pair on never use dryer to dry the shoe. The heat emitted by dryers weaken the glue holding the shoes together worst of all it might your sneaker on fire. Simple use the optimum heat from the sun and give it some patience.

What next?

Once all of the above is done, all that is left is maintaining the appealing smell coming off your pair of sneaker. There are various and very simple ways you can use to maintain the friendly smell. We have listed and discussed a couple of them below.

Switch between Sneakers

Different Pairs

Putting a single pair of sneaker for a number of weeks guarantees your feet to smell at a given point of time. The reason is the pair doesn’t get adequate time to dry of previous sweat.

Our advice would be buying additional pairs. Switch between the pairs to give the ones already worn time to dry.

Airing out the pair you previously wore would be a fantastic idea. A mistake done by most people is piling pairs inside their closets instead of airing. Closet has almost no clean air circulating inside it.

Shoes Inserts

Use of inserts

Good news! Sneakers featuring Activated Charcoal inserts are now available in the store. This technology is able to prevent both the feet and shoes from smelling.

The awful smell omitted by shoes or feet is absorbed by the insert; this ensures no smell leaves your shoe for the environment.

The AC inserts are available in various sizes but they can be further be trimmed to the desired size using a blade or scissor.

Make use of Socks

Putting on socks is also a way of preventing sneakers from smelling. Socks prevent bad smell from building inside the sneakers by absorbing swear from the feet.

Use of Socks

For good result make sure that the socks you are putting are nothing but clean. The worst socks thing you would dare is put on wet socks; socks of this nature in most cases will worsen your entire “shoe smelling” situation.

Carrying socks supplements to wherever your destination is would be a great idea when the pair you have on is so soaked you will have others to switch to.

Avoid socks made of synthetic fiber and look for ones that are made of pure cotton. Comparing cotton with synthetic fiber, cotton is highly breathable thus providing sufficient air circulation.

Look for Breathable Shoes

Look for the best breathable pair of shoes. Leather shoes or canvas shoes are the most breathable shoes.

breathable shoe

Leather and canvas pairs tend to evaporate moisture really quick thus avoiding bad odor build up. You can also consider shoes like the “open shoes “.

They are the best option for people who do not like putting on socks because they freely allow air to circulate around the feet.

The Importance of Putting on Shoes

Walking is the only way we go around. This shows how important it is to protect our feet from any harm. Secured feet can stand and walk for long hours. So finding your feet the best shoes would make it happy.

There are a lot of reasons why we all should have shoes but because of time we are only going to give you two most important reasons why putting on shoes is important.

Avoids Toe Knock-ons

Importance of shoes

Good shoes help improve body movements. But even with proper body movements the rocks and protruding stones peeping from the ground may pose great harm to our toes. Sometime while walking one might hit his or her toe on them, an accident that is so painful. Having a shoe on would prevent the toe from coming into contact with the stone thus the only thing hitting the rock would be the shoes.

Preventing Foot Illnesses

You protect your feet from acquiring foot problems such as corns and blisters. Blisters and Corns come as a result of walking bare foot. The two problems can be so painful. In case you are reading this and have experienced corns you can prove how painful they are. The only remedy to this is finding your feet the best and comfortable shoes.

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