Tips and What to Look for When Buying Winter Boots

When we touch on the word winter we mean snow. And when winter knocks the need for winter boots arises.

Winter boots are so important particularly in such a season. These boots can be categorized in affordability, durability, fashion and health.

Talking about fashion, everyone wants to keep himself or herself updated especially women. As a consumer you will never miss the kind of winter boots you are in search of because of the numerous shops and stores.

Keep your feet safe and healthy whenever winter comes. In this piece we are going to talk about what you are supposed to look for in winter boots and tips to finding the best shoes for walking on ice.

What to Look for in a Winter Boot

The Sole

the sole

Ensure a thorough sole examination before placing an order. Make sure that the sole can prevent any sharp object from penetrating through to hurt your feet.

Do not forget to check how well cushioned they are, cushioning is important for comfort.

Lastly, if you are physically at the store try the boots and take few steps to feel them. In case the boot passes these tests then, consider it the right pair.


breathable shoe

Breathable shoes should be the major concern when shopping for winter boots. Pores on our feet breathe and if there are no vents for air flow the sweat will soak up the shoes thus cold feet.

Most winter boots are made of nylon others are made of Gore-Tex while others are made of leather. With each type of shoe give in this case comes with different properties.

Gore-Tex​ & Nylon

This material is known for its breathability and waterproofing. That is why they are of high demand.

Shoes made of nylon upper are not so breathable but much waterproofing.

If your feet sweat profusely then we would advise you to look for a pair Gore Tex boots, they will not only ensure proper air circulation but also comfort.

Tips to help you find the Right Boots

  • Look for Perfect Fit

Don’t rush, take your time and find a boot that well fits you. Research shows that 85% of people living within a country have unfitting shoes.

When it comes to buying small shoes the highly affected people are the women. On the other hand, men are prone to buying pairs that are way too huge for their feet.

  • Have Feet Measured

You can also ask the salesperson in the shoe store to take measurements of your feet. That way it would be so easy to get boots that will fit you well. By doing so, you will have avoided mistakes such as buying shoes that do not much in sizes.

  • Trace of your feet and Shop in the Afternoon
measure your feet

Take a piece of paper, place your feet on it and with the help of a pen or pencil draw the outline of your foot.

Carry the tracing with you to the store and place any shoes you like on top of the trace. In case shoe appears narrower than the drawing then don’t buy look for another option. It would be great if you tried this during the afternoon when your feet have naturally expanded.

 Consider the shape of your Feet

We would advise you to consider the shape of your feet before buying a shoe. That way you will be able to prevent pain problems that result from uncomfortable shoes.

The shoe you buy should confirm not the other way round. Never force your feet into any pair that do not well resemble your feet shape.

  • The Length and Width

It is good to consider your foot’s size when buying boots. Boots that are way too narrow may result to the formation of painful blister.

In addition, a pair that offer the toes awful toe box space may cause a disorder such as hammertoes among others.

  • Arch Type

The arches ensure that weight is distributed evenly as we walk around. So, ensure that the pair you are intending to buy have good arch because arches play determine how we walk on various surfaces. Some of the body parts affected by shoes arches are muscles, bones, tendons and ligaments.

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